[KPOP] G-Dragon Wins Best New Artist Award for Fuse.tv!

For those who are not familiar with KPOP, it is short for Korean Pop. A cultural wave started in the early 2000s in South Korea, KPOP has now taken the entire world by storm. G-Dragon, the leader of a 5 member boy group called Big Bang, has been making his mark in the KPOP industry since he was a young child. Today, he has become one of the most successful artists in South Korea as both a solo artist, and a group member artist. With emergence of Gangnam Style, by PSY, last year, KPOP has now marked its territory as not just a South Korean genre, but a global genre as well. 

(Image of G-Dragon courtesy of Fuse.tv)

 As a Korean-American living in the United States, it’s amazing to see how KPOP has evolved over the years. I am an old school KPOP lover, growing up with the H.O.Ts, 1TYMs, and RooRas. However, it is great to see KPOP continue its success and gain a worldwide audience. G-Dragon truly deserves this award, as he is not only a great artist and performer, but he has style and can represent KPOP as an artist. To all the VIPs (Big Bang Fan Members), great job on voting for G-Dragon! Let’s keep up the good work and continue promoting KPOP!

To read the article via Fust.tv, click here

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