[TECH] Samsung’s Mobile Messaging Platform Passes 100 M Registered Users

Oh how the mobile messaging platform wars continue. Funny thing is, Samsung has had its chat messenger platform, ChatOn, for quite some time now. However, it has been relatively quiet in terms of mobile messaging platform news. The app itself comes pre-installed on most of the most current Samsung devices, such as the Galaxy S4, Note II, and even the Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch. The new registered user base milestone shows how Samsung has been able to separate itself from other smartphone makers who have once had their own mobile messaging system, aka BlackBerry.

chaton Samsungs ChatON messaging service passes 100 million registered users

(Image via TheNextWeb)

The difference in Samsung’s ChatOn versus BlackBerry’s BBM, is that ChatOn is a cross-platform service. What does that mean? – It means that a user does not always need to have a Samsung phone in order to use the service. Samsung was quick to adapt to technology trends, and made ChatOn available across all the current smartphone operating systems. On top of that, the platform is also available to use across its various PC lines. Although the mobile messaging market seems to continue to become crowded, it still amazes me how there is not clear winner. With the amount of revenue Samsung constantly makes as of late, could Samsung become the clear and dominant winner in the near future? I am excited to see how the mobile messaging wars will continue to pan out.

To read the article via TheNextWeb, click here.

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