[TECH] Why Facebook Should Worry About Mobile Messengers

Facebook may be the dominating social media platform in today’s society, but the company really needs to start paying attention to what’s happening in the Mobile Space. Yes, Facebook has it’s own mobile platform and mobile messaging platform, Facebook Messenger, but it seems to still be lagging behind in terms of preferred mobile messenger of choice. With the dawn of mobile, the door has opened for newcomers to enter in the social mobile space. Take WhatsApp and SnapChat for example. These two platforms are strictly mobile and focus on mobile messaging. Both have acquired user-bases in the hundreds of millions and seem to be quite popular with a wide array of demographics. What Facebook seems to lack in the mobile department, these other messaging platforms are picking up the slack.

facebook  graphic

Facebook seems to be really feeling the heat, especially in Asia, as other mobile messaging giants such as LINE, KakaoTalk, and WeChat, dominate the region. Mobile seems to continue to rise, and as smartphones continue to advance, the mobile space will become a key factor for not only users, but for marketers as well.

Click here to read the full article via BusinessInsider.

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