[TECH] Should Silicon Valley Be Scared of Asia’s Exploding Messaging Apps?

It’s been awhile since my last post, apologies! 

Today, I thought I would share some insight regarding an interesting article I read via WallStreetJournal. The article discussed about the exploding Mobile Messaging scene that is happening in Asia. With the three powerhouses: WeChat, LINE, and KakaoTalk, all have acquired hundreds of millions of users, and seem to be on the verge of entering the West with a lot momentum. These three mobile messaging platforms, have not only established themselves as freemium OTT Messaging services, but have also become a one-stop-shop for all social needs. Case in point example: LINE has added all sorts of unique features such as weather alerts, virus scanners, and brand advertisements that entice its users to use coupons from their various signed brands. 

With the way these platforms have grown their user bases and not to mention nice chunks of monthly revenues, it’s no surprise that Silicon Valley needs to become aware of them. However, the true test remains: Will the West and its user base be accepting of how Asia’s Mobile Messaging Platforms work? Or, will it be a complete failure due to cultural differences and mindsets? In my opinion, I think Asia’s Mobile Messaging Platforms will succeed because it is the 21st Century. The world has gone mobile, and mobile subscriptions will only continue to grow as more and more of us become connected. A new age of mobile connectivity and fast paced, on-the-go has emerged. I guess only time will tell how Asia’s platforms will perform here in the West.

Click here to read the full article. 

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