[TECH] DramaFever gets acquired by SoftBank

It’s amazing to see how much KPOP and Korean Culture has gained influence and a fan base following around the world. DramaFever, a company that specializes in the distribution of Asian Media Content, such as Korean Dramas, was founded in 2009. Based out of New York City, the company seems have come a long way since its first opening. Through innovation and connectivity through Technology, DramaFever has been able to mark its territory as one of the premiere video streaming services for all things Asian Content.

I cannot be more thrilled for them and hope that they can continue their success under the SoftBank umbrella. Technology enables innovation and it’s also a bonus to see some KPOP help influence the success of a company as well.

Best of luck to you guys and keep up the good work!

DramaFever article courtesy of VentureBeat.

SoftBank to buy online video giant DramaFever

(Image copyright: DramaFever)

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