Twitter Revenue Earnings – My Thoughts

Yesterday, July 28th, Twitter had it’s quarterly earnings report. They did it live via Periscope, a cool new app developed by Twitter that lets users live broadcast whatever it is they are doing. With the step-down of Dick Costolo, it was interim CEO Jack Dorsey’s first earnings report presentation.

Overall, it seemed that Twitter has been doing well since its last report. With revenue earnings surpassing estimates, Twitter seems to be doing something right (see NY Times article here for full report). However, the one key issue they seem to be struggling with is user growth and retention. According to their report, their overall user number only grew a measly 2 million, to a total of 304 million, compared to their last quarter. The biggest key issue interim CEO Jack Dorsey said was that Twitter was not a simple app as it should be.

I think Twitter should allow for 3rd party app integrations as Facebook has done. Look at Facebook Messenger’s success. As soon as they opened their doors to 3rd party developers, the platform became that much more enticing.

You should expect Twitter to be as easy to use as looking out your window – Jack Dorsey

User access and usability are key important factors for any app or platform. Twitter seems to constantly have issues with user retention and usage. If you think about it, Twitter was the predecessor to many of the mobile messaging apps that are so prevalent and widespread these days. Quick and easy communication through mobile seems to be Twitter’s motto. However, with user growth just not on pace with its counterparts like Facebook, there needs to be a solution.

Personally, I love using Twitter. I think it’s a great platform to share content, curate topics, and share news. However, I do feel that Twitter lacks a personal personalization factor. The platform itself is a great way to spread content, but I feel it lacks any purpose because it doesn’t offer anything special to a user.

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