Mobile Advertising – What are the myths?

I recently read an article regarding native advertising myths, and why mobile app publishers should ignore them via VentureBeat (click link to read full article). As we continue to grow mobile and mobile users, advertising is going to be key, as advertisers will want to reach an audience that is completely digital.

The one myth from the article that caught my attention the most was Myth #1: Native Ads are difficult to implement. With privacy issues and user disruption, getting the “correct” kind of advertisement that sees the most ROI seems to be an important topic for advertisers. I agree with VentureBeat’s assessment in that this myth should be ignored. The reason I state this is because I think of what has transpired over in Asia, with the likes of LINE of WeChat. Both are giants in the mobile messaging space, with over hundreds of millions of active users on their respective platforms. Not only are they widely popular, but they have incorporated native advertising in the form of stickers/emoticons. These funny, cute little virtual sticker packs have become hugely popular and thus resulted in both companies selling or giving out “branded” packs.

These branded packs are what I feel equal “native advertisements.” Every time a user downloads a “branded” sticker pack, they essentially are advertising that brand to their friends and family. Sharing a simple sticker becomes a native advertisement that inserts the “brand” into a conversation. Brands want ways to insert themselves into everyday conversations without impeding or disrupting user privacy. LINE and WeChat have helped spark the first wave of mobile advertisements. In my profession, I have worked with brands to help initiate the beginning steps of penetrating the mobile messaging space (See screen shot below of a project we had worked on). It is only a matter of time before a new kind of “native mobile advertising” will take place.

Paul Frank Industries - WeChat

Paul Frank Industries – WeChat

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