BuzzFeed – The content platform that has become a giant

If you do not know of BuzzFeed by now, boy are you slow on getting on the wagon. Started in 2008 (according to Crunchbase), BuzzFeed has taken the internet web by storm. It is a content discovery platform that focuses on everything from Entertainment News to Breaking News Stories. What differentiates itself from the rest is that it is generally catered towards the millennial audience. With a wide array of funny stories to funny cat pictures and GIFs, BuzzFeed has become an everyday name among the Millennial age group.

Just recently, there have been rumors that BuzzFeed may be raising a whopping $250 million, spearheaded by NBCUniversal. With this potential new investment, it would put BuzzFeed’s value at $1.5 Billion. I must say, BuzzFeed has been quite impressive since its inception. I remember not understanding the “hype” about it in the beginning. However, I soon joined the mass majority and have become an avid fan of the platform. From the funny stories they post, to watching the awesome YouTube videos they upload, I have become an addict of BuzzFeed. I especially enjoy the video segments of their “Try Guys” videos. If you have not checked them out, I suggest you do – you will definitely get a laugh out of them.

All in all, congratulations to everyone at BuzzFeed and I wish them continued success. Here’s STKR to show my expression:

Celebration STKR from

Here’s a BuzzFeed GIF of the Try Guys as well šŸ™‚

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