NYC – The New Silicon Valley?

I recently came across an article via AlleyWatch, my go to source for startup and funding related news for New York City. The article basically stated this: 2015 Total funding raised in NYC to date – $5.2 Billion (Click on the link earlier to read the full article). WOW! That’s a lot of investment funds being raised by companies in New York City. It’s great to see NYC becoming an epicenter for Startups here in the East Coast. We all know of “Silicon Valley” in the West, but I cannot help but think that perhaps New York City may be catching up to its counterparts on the West Coast.

If you think about it, there are quite a lot of big name startups based in New York City. From Warby Parker, BuzzFeed, BirchBox, Sprinklr, Etsy, and many others, NYC has become the hot spot for aspiring entrepreneurs and coding teams. Along with housing many hot new startups, New York City is also home to some of the biggest name VC Venture Funds out there. With available funds and a vast network of incubators, New York City has become a successful starting point for aspiring entrepreneurs. The ability to link with other link-minded individuals, start and formulate the right team, get the advice needed through advisors, and raise the funding needed, it’s no surprise that NYC is home to some of the most innovative startups.

With all the resources available, one can be led to a path of success. Of course, not all startups succeed, and the road to success is always hard. I know this from first hand while working for a startup. However, seeing the success of others only motivates us to try our best and achieve our own success. To those who wish to become entrepreneurs in New York City, I suggest you try and follow blogs like AlleyWatch, that may give you some good information. For those who are currently working or running their own startup, whether in the beginning stages or not, I wish you nothing but continued success and keep up the great efforts! Nothing beats passion!

So are you ready to take the ride of being an entrepreneur? Startups? YES PLEASE 🙂

Take the startup ride!

Take the startup ride!

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