Release of GMAIL & Chrome Extension for

Hello all!

I am happy to announce that has officially launched our gmail and Chrome extension apps! It’s been a long time coming, but our co-founders worked hard in developing the apps to release onto the Google Chrome store. We are all so proud and hope that you will support our app and our STKR (Sticker/GIF) platform!

In case you aren’t aware, is first ever sticker platform. It is 100% free and has all sorts of expressive content that you can share across all sorts of social media and mobile messaging platforms. Our platform consists of the best sticker artists out there and is meant for artists to express and showcase their work, and for users to enjoy and appreciate. Oh and did I mention you can “Tip” your favorite artists as a sign of appreciation? 😉

Also, if you’re an artist and are interested in receiving an exclusive artist invite, please check out this link here.

We’re constantly working on new and exciting updates so stay tuned. Any comments or feedback would be appreciated as well on the Chrome store. Please see links below to access our apps.

Phillip Yang – STKR DJ~ – gmail app – Chrome Extension – Chrome Extension

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