How To Speak Startup – via TechCrunch

It’s pretty late at night and I decided to do my usual browsing on TechCrunch and came across a rather entertaining post via Alex Wilhelm and Jason Rowley (I’ve linked their Twitter accounts for those who would like to follow them). It was the second of a 2 part series they created called: How To Speak Startup. The first post was made back in December 2014, (see post here) and it was hilarious to read the subtle “startup” terminology they go over. It basically was “Startup Language – For Dummies.” Some of the lingo that made me laugh were:

1. Pre-Money Valuation – A number you made up

2. OPM (Other People’s Money) – An incredibly addictive substance (aka money) to entrepreneurs that’s rarely respected or missed until it dries up 

The second part, called Part Deux, adds even more humor as they divulge a whole new list of terminology. Upon reading part deux, I just couldn’t help but laugh. Out of their entire list for the second part, their definition of Cloud – Internet, was too good to resist laughing over. Everything they listed, was really entertaining. I never realized how certain terms become native to our tongue in the world of startups. Seriously, if you work for a startup and don’t find their posts hilarious, I think you’re not fit for the startup world ;).

Kudos to you guys @TechCrunch, startups wouldn’t be as fun without you :).

As always, I’ll end it with a STKR 

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