Startup Advice – Setting the Right Series A Valuation

Hello all! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I wanted to post a blog on a recent article that was featured on TechCrunch via Aaron Holiday, Co-Founder and Partner at 645 Ventures (Click link here to be taken to the actual article). In his post, Aaron goes over some key fundamentals that startup founders should consider, before going for their big Series A funding round. His tips and insights were really valuable, and if you’re a startup founder, I really suggest you take a read over it if you have not.

Below is a quick summary of what Aaron feels are the 5 most important categories to consider, when going for the right valuation.

1. Market Threat or Expansion

2. Your Team’s Alpha

3. Intellectual Property

4. Product Stage

5. Product Growth Rate

Aaron’s summary of what startups need to focus and consider before going for their Series A is insightful, to the point, and valid. It’s great to see VCs give their opinion and advice to the tech community. There’s nothing better than sharing advice with one another, as our community continues to grow. For those going for their Series A, I wish them only the best of luck! For those who are still in their early stages, don’t give up! Keep on plugging along!

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