Guy Kawasaki’s Short 10 Slide Pitch Guide

I came across this very insightful article via Inc. that was posted by one of their columnists, Larry Kim. Inc. is part of my list of top 5 websites to follow for startup, funding, branding, and entrepreneurship news.

In the post by Larry, he goes over Guy Kawasaki’s 10 slide pitch for the most effective Pitch Deck founders need to utilize. You can see the full post here. In case you are wondering who Guy Kawasaki is, he is a serial Entrepreneur who was one of the original members of Apple in marketing the Macintosh brand back in the 80s. He is a seasoned veteran of Silicon Valley and has written many books that help with entrepreneurship and advice in starting startups.

Below is a quick summary of the 10 slides Guy feels are only necessary when creating a pitch deck for your business.

1. Title

2. Problem/Opportunity

3. Value Proposition

4. Underlying Magic

5. Business Model

6. Go-To Market Plan

7. Competitive Analysis

8. Management Team

9. Financial Projections/Key Metrics

10. Current Status/Accomplishments to Date/Timeline/Use of Funds

Below is a screenshot of his 10 slide pitch that he recommends. If you are entrepreneur or one who wants to get in on creating a business, I recommend you read over Larry’s post above.

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