GIFs As Expressive Content – Using GIFs in Conversations

Today, via The New York Times, an interesting article was posted regarding the ever so popular GIFs. In the article via Mike Issac, the popularity of GIFs and how they are becoming more and more integrated into our everyday conversations is discussed (Click here to read full article). In today’s ever so digital world, users are connected more and more with one another via mobile. Social media has pivoted to more mobile versus desktop, and mobile messaging apps have become the new norm of communication versus just simply texting. With the emergence of fast, on-the-go messaging, users are now searching for quicker and easier ways to communicate that is effective and expressive. GIFs seem to be the popular means of choice for users here in the U.S.

Mike Issac goes over how appealing GIFs can be for users when talking with their friends of family. He showcases an example of a college student using GIFs when friends keep annoying them. Instead of simply typing “Stop” or “I’m annoyed,” a simple GIF is sent to get the student’s message across. The article also discusses the market of GIFs, and how popular they really are. For example. Tumblr is mentioned saying that users upload 20+ million GIFs a day. That is a staggering figure if you ask me.

Tumblr said 23 million GIFs are posted to its site every day.

I couldn’t help but think about how Asia does it a little differently. In Asia, stickers seem to be the go-to choice in terms of expression and shortened messages. In my opinion, both Stickers and GIFs are equally expressive and great for messaging. Although a sticker may be a “static” image, if the quality is there, it can be just as expressive as a GIF. This was proven by LINE Messenger in Asia. Both can express one’s mood or feeling, and can be shared quickly and easily. Below, you can see both a GIF and a Sticker being used for telling someone to “be quiet.” I think both show the same expression. It’s no wonder why brands and advertisers are constantly try to keep up with content and being inserted into conversations. It just comes down to this: Content is King.


Adventure Time - Copy Right Cartoon Network

Adventure Time – Copy Right Cartoon Network


Be quiet STKR – via

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