Digital Personal Trading Cards – The New Business Card?

I recently came across an interesting news post from an incubator/internet startup I follow, called BetaWorks. They were unveiling a new product that was made within their ecosystem, called Glitter. Glitter is a digital personal trading card creation system that allows users to create their own personalized digital card, and then share it with friends or other acquaintances. Now I know what you might think, digital trading cards? Isn’t that a little childish? Well – yes and no. I thought I would give the app a try and at first, I thought it was a little more towards the kiddy section. However, as I engaged with the app more, I understood what it’s purpose was. With today’s society being more and more digital and mobile, having one’s own personal unique digital card with a social factor is an interesting idea. To read its recent article on TechCrunch, click here.

By social factor, I mean that the app allows you to create multiple cards, let’s say one for business, and then share it with others. It made me realize, how many physical business cards do I carry with me during business meetings? With millennials dominating the workforce nowadays, sometimes business meetings seem more casual than straight suit & tie (might be different for others). Because of this, I thought Glitter was a cool unique way for me to store digital cards of others. Imagine all the trees we can save? If this app really kicks off, I could simply go to a meeting, whip out my phone, and just swipe to send my digital card to my counter-part. With the simple exchange, I could get all the information I need: email, website, telephone, and etc,. On top of that, Glitter allows for a cool fun factor with personalizing your card. You can add unique backgrounds, font colors, text, and even…wait for it….GIFs, courtesy of another BetaWorks success, GIPHY.

Check out my Glitter card below, and feel free to add me if you like :). The app is currently only available for iOS.

And as always, I’ll end the post with a STKR!

STKR – via – Add me on GLITTER!

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