Advertising and Mobile Messengers – Kik Messenger Releases its GIF Chat

Battle of Mobile Messengers?

I just read a fresh online post via AdWeek (great source for advertising news) on Kik Messenger releases its first ever GIF Brand Promoted Chat. What is a GIF Brand Promoted chat you ask? Well, Kik has been promoting its Promoted Chats for some time now. Basically, it is a self-promoting Bot chat that Kik sets up for brand partners. They released this feature in hopes to lure more advertisers as well as keep up with SnapChat, who released their own hip advertising feature (see here for article).

Kik Promoted Chat – via AdWeek

SnapChat Ad – via marketingland

For this release, they’ve teamed up with Twentieth Century Fox and its Agency Trailer Park, to launch a GIF Promoted Chat Campaign for the new upcoming film Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials. Through this deal, users of Kik (demographic of 13-26 year olds) will be able to directly interact with the Chat Bot, by sending messages in the form of GIFs. Users will be given a series of 12 GIFs by the Chat Bot, mimicking a maze, just like how the movie is based off of. The idea seems unique and it looks like the purpose and goal of the campaign is to engage users on Kik and to get the movie promoted before its release. Could this be the beginning of the GIF wars for mobile messengers here in the West?

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