Social Media and VCs – The Best VCs to Follow on Twitter

Being in the startup world is tough. Figuring out funding and how to do it right is even tougher. In today’s digital world, if you’re an entrepreneur and not an avid user of social media, YOU BETTER GET ON IT!.

I thought I would do a post about “The Top VCs to Follow on Twitter,” via Larry Kim and his post on Inc. In his article, he lists 14 top VCs to follow on Twitter, giving a brief bio of each as well. Making sure you’re knowledgeable in the space you’re in is one thing, but also getting advice and listening to others is important as well. With startups popping up left and right every day, it’s important to keep up with the news and trends that are happening.

For me, Twitter is my go-to-source. I probably check my Twitter feed (click link if you want to follow me)100 times a day. If you follow the feeds you want, you end up getting a ton of news and resources in real-time. As an entrepreneur in the startup world, it’s important to know what your colleagues and others are doing, as well as what is happening in the various industries. VCs are no different. They tweet and blog just as much as any other person who uses Twitter. What’s great about their tweets is that they sometimes give great advice, motivational quotes, and insight and opinions. Some even respond back in a timely fashion to users who ask questions or even see if they would be willing to go over their pitch decks. Because the startup world is still growing, VCs are willing to stay alert to see if they can fish out the next big thing.

Below is a brief summary of the list of VCs Larry Kim notes: (Click here to read the full list)

1. @jason–Jason Calacanis

Calacanis has a $10 million angel fund and hosts the largest startup conference in the world. He was a first-round investor in Uber, and has invested in ChartBeat, Gowalla, Evernote, and more than 60 other startups. Why follow Calacanis: If the fact he has more than 220,000 followers isn’t compelling enough, he is also a pretty prolific blogger and regularly shares his vast experience with his network.

2. @richminer–Rich Miner

An Android co-founder, Miner now leads Google Ventures‘ East Coast investment team and has led investments in HubSpot, Stamped, MessageMe, and many others. Why follow Miner: A mobile industry pioneer, he’s also been growing businesses for more than 25 years.

3. @bfeld–Brad Feld

A managing director at early investment firm Foundry Group, Feld has been in VC since 1987. He’s also a co-founder of startup accelerator Techstars, which provides mentoring, networking, and $118,000 in seed funding for startups. Why follow Feld: His Twitter feed is a steady stream of startup advice and insight, from his tweets on teaching to the latest industry news and influencer blog posts.

If you’re like me and an avid user of Twitter, I suggest you follow those listed on Larry’s list. And with that, I’ll end with a STKR via – Use this Twitter as an idea to follow VCs!

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