Stickers & Emoji – Are They The Real Deal For Advertisers?

Emojis, Stickers, GIFs – We have all heard about them. They are the new popular items in the digital space today. As mobile penetration rates continue to increase, our society is becoming more and more connected through digital small screens. With social media shifting to mobile messaging, users are wanting more and more private conversations. Thanks in part to mobile becoming so dominant, platforms like WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, KakaoTalk, Kik, and Facebook Messenger are being more and more used. These mobile messaging platforms have become an untapped market for advertisers. Advertisers want to penetrate a market where users are connecting with each other instantaneously 24/7. Because of this, advertisers have now begun to try to engage users through the use of emojis and stickers. Take Disney for example. The company jumped on the emoji/sticker craze by releasing its own free Emoji Keyboard App (click on link to read an article about it via TechCrunch). Users can download the app and install onto their keyboards, allowing for the Disney Brands to be inserted right away into everyday conversations.

Image via Disney Emoji App //

Stickers serve the same purpose as well. The sticker phenomenon was originally started by Asia, with LINE leading the way in terms of revenue. They are cute, expressive, and can convey messages to the point as a user uses them. Users share millions of stickers each day in conversations. Because of this, advertisers are craving to get a piece of the action. My company has been in the sticker creation business for some time. We understood the need in this space and worked diligently to create our current platform, sticker search engine, the first of its kind. Understanding the value and importance of hitting the right sticker is key. We firmly believe in quality over quantity, meaning our STKRs have to be appropriate and high quality versus an average sticker. Seamless integration is what users want, and advertisers cannot afford to disregard that fact. We don’t just create any STKR – we create STKRs that users will enjoy, artists can get recognized for, and advertisers can win off of.

Celebrate stickers with us at STKR!

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