Medium – The New Hip Way to Blog

I’ve been hearing about this platform called Medium, for quite some time. I never really paid much attention to it, except browse it a few times here and there. However, seeing how it’s the weekend now, I figured I’d do some research and take a shot at signing up for the platform and testing it myself. Medium was co-founded by two co-founders of Twitter, Evan Williams and Biz Stone, as a means to go behind the 140 character limitations of Twitter, without the confusing hassle of regular blog posting platforms. Because of this, they created Medium, an easier way to blog and share stories, topics, discussions, and more with a simple easy UI/UX and social sharing. See screenshot below of Medium’s homepage.

Medium Home Page

Signing up for Medium was easy and seamless. If you’re an avid Twitter user like myself, all you have to do is one-click “sign up via Twitter” and it automatically creates your user account along with linking all your followers. From there, it asks you to choose a few topics that interest you, such as “Sports, Entertainment, Startups,” etc,. Upon finalizing all your topics, it then suggests a few Medium users you can follow. It felt very personal and I liked how it allowed me to choose only relevant topics that I wished to follow. After I completed the final steps, my Medium page was all setup. I decided to play around with it and test out it’s UI/UX. It was fairly easy to figure out how to post, insert media, click on other posts and more. I decided to write my first post by simply introducing myself and voila, after one click it was immediately posted!

My First Medium Post

If you haven’t signed up for Medium yet, try it out. If you’re like me and a big follower of tech and startups, this is the spot to do it. It seems all the major tech industry leaders, entrepreneurs, bloggers, news platforms, and more are all part of this site. If you do choose to sign up, feel free to connect with me or follow here!

With that, hope everyone enjoys their weekend and ciao~!

STKR from

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