LOL is NO MORE! – Long Live ‘HAHA’

Emojis are everywhere! The trend in the U.S has been that more and more people are using them. Whether on Twitter, Facebook, or any mobile messaging app, emojis and GIFs seem to be shared a lot more. According to a recent article via The Guardian (see post here), Facebook conducted a research study amongst its users and found that more than 50% of its users prefer to use ‘HAHA’ versus ‘LOL’ – (U.S based only).

Image via TheGuardian & Unicode consortium/Hannah Jane Parkinson

It appears that ‘LOL’ is old, as it is more widely used by an older audience. With emojis and GIFs becoming more and more widely popular, it’s no surprise that different preferences are taking precedent over the other. For me, I tend to use both ‘LOL’ and ‘HAHA’. However, I firmly believe that Stickers/Emojis and GIFs are much more expressive, and help relay my point across much more efficiently. I can have a casual conversation with a peer, but sending a ‘HAHA’ sticker makes the conversation that much more meaningful emotionally, versus just simply sending the text ‘HAHA’. If you think about it, emojis/emoticons (animated stickers) have been used much earlier in Asia than over here in the U.S. However, the styles that are popular over there, might not translate and resonate as much here in the States. With that in mind, we created STKR – the first sticker search engine. We feel that stickers/GIFs can equally be used in conversations here in the States as they are in Asia. Although GIFs might have a slight more favorability versus stickers, stickers can be just as powerful.

So next time you want to reply with an ‘LOL’ – think twice and send a ‘HAHA’ instead.


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