Mobile Advertising Puzzle Continues – MediaBrix Launches New Ad Moments Platform

I was browsing through my usual news this morning and came across an interesting article via VentureBeat (click here to read full article). It was announced that New York City based mobile ad serving company, MediaBrix, just launched its third generation service for its customers, called Moments. The company focuses on connecting advertisers with end users through an emotional connection. The example the article gives is when a user is playing a puzzle based app game.

Let’s suppose you’re playing a puzzle game on your smartphone. You try three times without success to complete a level. The Breakthrough Moments tech recognizes you’re stumped, infers it’s a moment of frustration, and serves you an ad from, say, bakery-café chain Panera that offers a puzzle hint if you watch a video. – VentureBeat Article Comment

I thought the idea was interesting and decided to take a look at MediaBrix’s website. The company’s technology is unique, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re pretty well backed financially as well (see here). Advertisers and brands alike are trying to find the best ways to penetrate a growing mobile audience. With apps being used all around, MediaBrix’s methodology seems like it could work. Users love playing games, but sometimes they get stuck at certain points (I know I myself have had one too many moments as mentioned above). To let advertisers and brands be the “heroes” by offering a bonus for watching an ad of theirs to gain an upper advantage to move past a level, could prove to be popular.

However, I cannot help but wonder if it could be more junk than not. Users might just simply click on the banner ad/video and just wait until it finishes, thus eliminating the advertiser’s purpose for the ad placement. Also, measuring its effectiveness via campaigns could prove to be difficult as well. As mobile becomes more and more prevalent, measuring ROI is going to be tough. With new methods such as MediaBrix’s, helping solve the mobile advertising space could prove to be useful. As users become more and more attached to their mobile devices, figuring out the mobile advertising space will become that much more important.

With that, I wonder what the next solution for mobile ad:tech will be? Hmm…

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