500 Startups – The Accelerator You Should Know About

500 Startups is an accelerator that’s based out of Silicon Valley, California. If you’re an entrepreneur just starting up your startup, I suggest you learn about 500 Startups. Founded by @Dave McClure and @Christine Tsai, the organization is a great place for startup founders and entrepreneurs to pitch their startups, meet advisors, and get help kick started off their feet. Both co-founders of the organization post great resumes, as they have worked for notable companies in their previous endeavors. Each year, they host a demo day, for newly accepted startups in their program. Yesterday, August 11th, 2015 – was their 13th Batch Demo Day. Being in the east coast, it’s hard for me to attend events in the west, but that doesn’t stop me from following them. I wanted to post about one company that I’ve been following for quite some time, that presented at this year’s Demo Day via 500 Startups. The company is called ChattingCat, a platform that helps non-native English speakers submit writing to native English speakers for corrections and edits. I’ve linked a video below to show how it works from their website.

Founded by April Kim, the service seems to be a hit in the tech world. The idea behind ChattingCat is very fascinating, and solves a problem where there’s a need – helping non-native English speakers get corrections on papers, emails, etc., by native speakers. It’s awesome to see Korean startup founders, let alone Female founders, making a name for themselves in the tech community (sorry for my bias, as I am Korean-American as well 🙂 ). Here’s a Tweet via @Mary Grove, who was at April’s presentation yesterday.

April Kim presenting at 500 Startups Demo Day – via Mary Grove

Congratulations to April and her team at ChattingCat. Can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us. Keep up the good work and FIGHTING!

Cheer STKR from http://stkr.us

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