It’s Official – Twitter Allows for More Than 140 Characters for Direct Messaging

Wow big surprise announcement from Twitter just not too long ago. Through its blog, the service has announced that it has now eliminated the 140 character limitation on all direct messages. What does this mean? It means, if you update to the newest version of Twitter, you will no longer be restricted to the stupid 140 character limitation for Direct Messages. Of course, normal Tweets will still have the usual 140 character limitation. However, Direct Messages have been given a free hall-pass. See here for blog post by Twitter. Below is a GIF they created that’s on their blog that highlights the new improvement.


So why the sudden update? Who knows, but I can’t help but wonder if this is a new step towards Twitter for Business. Just as Facebook launched its business service for Messenger, where brands can communicate directly to customers via its messenger service, I wonder if this is Twitter’s answer. We can only continue to guess and monitor.

Smile STKR – via

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