The Wrong Way To Use Social Media

Yesterday, a certain dating app company, by the name of Tinder, decided to go on a ridiculous rant via Twitter regarding a Vanity Fair article that was published about them. The article was written by Nancy Jo Sales (I’ve linked her Twitter account). In her article, she discusses some findings she found first hand, asking people about Tinder and what they use it for. Mind you, she is doing her job, as a journalist, reporting her findings and then writing about her sentiments regarding the product, Tinder, and the online dating scene. To read more, click here for full article.

However, here’s where it gets juicy (for all your drama lovers). According to The Guardian, an “unknown” employee decided to take it to the next level, and rant about Nacy’s article – via Twitter. A big NO-NO. My phone was beeping constantly as the Twitter community took wind of the battle between Tinder and Nancy. I took the liberty to actually go to @Tinder and read the entire rant. WOW – that unknown employee went bat shit crazy. Holy Demolition Batman!!!! (Click on Tinder’s Twitter account above to read). Whomever it was, just went off on a rant towards Nancy. I must say, kudos to Nancy for handling it so well. As the “unknown” continued to fire rants towards her, she calmly deflected and responded in a professional manner that fit her professional job – as a journalist. She asked for FACTS, and even sent her personal email so that they could give her what she asked. Their response: MORE OFF TANGENT RANTS. I took the liberty of showing you a screen shot below:

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 7.42.39 AM

This is a perfect example of how NOT to use Social Media. Thanks to this “unknown” employee (who knows who it actually was), Tinder’s image and reputation become a hot topic. Instead of handling the matter professionally, they have now ended up looking like a spoiled child who can’t handle criticism lightly. The Twitter community took Nancy’s side, as she handled the rants well. Tinder is now left with trying to clean up the mess they started, and who knows what else will come of this on their end. Oh, BTW – Tinder “supposedly” made a statement saying that they “overreacted” – you can read the article via @KellyChen here.

I have the perfect STKR for this. Going off on a Twitter rant as a company representative is a big NO-NO. 

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