Do you have GRIT?

I read this great article via Entrepreneur, titled “Why ‘Grit’ May Be Everything For Success.” I’ve gone ahead and linked the article above for your viewing if you want to read the full article. The article discusses the importance of having ‘Grit’ as an entrepreneur. As I read through the post, it made some very good valid points on why ‘Grit’ is so important. In a perfect scenario, a startup founder/entrepreneur would have the characteristics of being ‘creative, collaborative, and a mindset to adapt quickly’ – however, no one person is perfect. The article discusses that although it is possible for someone to succeed without having the 3 characteristics mentioned above, without ‘Grit’ – entrepreneurs will ultimately fail.

“Lack of grit is the entrepreneurship killer.” – Amy Rosen 

I decided to take some time to reflect on the term ‘Grit’ and what I felt its meaning was. To me, I think ‘Grit’ means determination and effort, a willingness to go to the next level. Believing in one’s self and product, and believing in the vision of your company/team. I think as entrepreneurs, it’s easy to “quit” or to try and find “an excuse” to overcome adversity. Sometimes, it’s really tough to try and push forward when you feel like there’s no hope, or nothing else seems possible. I like to call this point my “Stop Sign.” Stop Signs are meant for motorists to stop, pause, look both ways to ensure the way is clear, and then move forward. Similarly, I think when entrepreneurs hit a stopping point, then need to do the same as a motorist would. For me; I pause, reflect, and try and push forward by finding an alternative. Perhaps this is what Amy Rosen refers to as ‘Grit.’ I don’t think there’s one true definition of ‘Grit’ for entrepreneurs. Instead, I think ‘Grit’ is something that needs to be learned along the way. It becomes defined as we learn, grow, and hit road blocks.

What’s your ‘Grit’?

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