Sometimes, It’s Good to Just Write

I came across a great share via a Tweet shared by Jeremy Shure, a mentor at TechStars NYC (I’ll post a separate article about the accelerator later). The article he shared was written by Ryan Holiday, author of ‘The Obstacle Is The Way‘ and writer for The New York Observer. In his post, he explains his reasons as to ‘why he writes.’ I thought it was a great post to read. If you want to read the full post, click here. He goes into detail by summarizing his reasons for writing into 3 main points:

  1. Because I can
  2. Because I should
  3. Because I need to

His third point, which he considers his most important, resonated the most with me. Ryan notes that he writes because it helps him in many different ways. He also explains that he would still write even if he didn’t get paid to, because he enjoys it that much. Writing seems like an intense passion of his, and I really respect him for it. I sort of connect with his third reason as I too, love to write. I feel that writing helps me say what’s on my mind, as well as help me mentally. I feel that whenever I blog, I go into a mental sedate, as I focus on writing what I want to share.

This is the most important reason. I know it because even if the other two reasons weren’t true–if I had to do it for free and hardly anyone saw the writing–I’d still be doing it anyway. – Ryan Holiday

Also, he emphasizes that ‘writers need to consider themselves as important members of their audience.’ This is true. As a writer, you should always be mindful of who you’re writing to, and how you want to relay your point or message. Whether it’s to a general audience, or to a specifically targeted one, you should write with sincerity and honesty. Although I am no author, nor a seasoned vet in publishing, I feel that writing helps me connect with others. Hopefully, those of you who read my blog enjoy my posts and feel connected to me. I will continue to write as much as I can, and keep up with you guys.


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