Some Entrepreneurial Advice – Via Danielle Morrill

For those just starting off the new work week and catching up on things, yesterday was an amazing day on Twitter. Why was it amazing you ask? Well, thanks in part to Danielle Morrill, Founder and CEO of Matter Mark, there was an outstanding TweetStorm session. What is a ‘TweetStorm’ you ask? A TweetStorm is a rapid session of multiple tweets that are sent simultaneously by one account. To learn more, visit Yesterday, Danielle decided to do a rapid Tweet session on giving some funding & entrepreneurial advice for those who are in the startup world. My goodness, let me just say, it was REFRESHING and also ENLIGHTENING to see a fellow entrepreneur share their experience, knowledge, and advice on how best to succeed.


Danielle goes into all sorts of details, ranging from finding the best places to eat when visiting certain VC Offices, to always remembering to be courteous to EVERYONE you meet in the office, including receptionists, as they are KEY team members of VCs as well. Her TweetStorm goes into an all-out list of advice, suggestions, and findings she’s experienced throughout her entrepreneur experience. The VC & Entrepreneur community was on fire thanks in part to her session. Major notable VCs immediately got involved, engaging with Danielle and others through the TweetStorm. In fact, the session was such a hype, that a Business Insider reporter immediately published an online article about the whole event. Titled: Here’s how to get the most out of your fundraising visit to Silicon Valley – the article does an amazing summary of Danielle’s key points, conversations between VCs, and much more.

Another industry veteran, Jeremy Shure, Mentor at TechStars (I’ve blogged about them in a separate post here) was also engaged with Danielle and the TweetStorm as well. Like Danielle, he provides his own TweetStorm session on advice for entrepreneurs. One of his points that stuck out to me personally was – “4/ founders must lead the charge on a raise. VC’s want to see the personality behind the company. Investment is in ppl too.” – Jeremy Shure.  

Overall, the entire TweetStorm session was just amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever been on Twitter for that long of a session (must have been for HOURS!). I tried to stay engaged as much as I could, by tweeting my thoughts, asking questions, and more. Thanks in part to Danielle, I learned a great deal about being a true entrepreneur. The advice from the many other industry veterans were also equally important. Take my word, this is something you definitely need to spend some time and review. If you are a startup founder, entrepreneur, or someone who wants to be a proven leader, I suggest you go over the ENTIRE TweetStorm now!! Let’s stick together fellow entrepreneurs!

Beast Mode STKR via

Beast Mode STKR via


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