Justworks – A Unique All-In-One HR System

Happy Tuesday everyone! I wanted to post about an interesting product I came across via Twitter. The product is called, Justworks – an internal ecosystem management system headquartered in NYC, that helps manage integral parts for companies, such as pay-roll, vacation days, and health insurance. I was contacted by one of their team members via DM, and asked to just take a look over their product. The product itself is very unique. If you’re a startup just in its beginning stages, Justworks may be an optimal solution to help save you money. For example, ‘Benefits’ are very important nowadays for startups. Choosing which plan fits the best with your budget can be time consuming as a founder/entrepreneur. Justworks helps alleviate some unnecessary hassles of having to reach out to 3rd party brokers or having to hiring 3rd party help. Below is a screenshot of their dashboard.

Dashboard Screen - via http://justworks.com

                                    Dashboard Screen – via http://justworks.com

I had always been interested in finding human resource management solutions that could help me in my future endeavors. Prior to finding out about them via Twitter, I had no idea who they were. After doing some initial research, they seem to be pretty well backed financially, most recently securing a $13M Series B (see here). The UI seems very fluent, and their dashboard appears to be very simple to use. For those who are in need of seeking HR solutions, I highly suggest you check them out.

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