Why Entrepreneurs Should Start Blogging – via @Shlomi Nissan

Being a big fan of blogging, I came across this great article posted on FastCompany, by Shlomi Nissan. In his post, titled “5 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Start Blogging” – he outlines 5 important reasons as to how blogging helps entrepreneurs grow and mature. As an entrepreneur, I know it’s tough to find moments to just sit back and write a blog or excerpt. No different, Shlomi mentions the same.

If you’re an entrepreneur—or an aspiring one—you may think blogging is the last thing you’ve got time for. – Shlomi Nissan

However, even though it might be difficult to find the time or try and make the effort due to you being burned out from your workday, blogging seems to have more positives than negatives. Below are the his 5 main reasons on how blogging helps entrepreneurs:

  1. Blogging Nurtures Ideas
  2. Blogging Helps You Shape Your Vision
  3. Blogging Helps You Build An Audience
  4. Blogging Makes You An Industry Expert
  5. Blogging Teaches You About Entrepreneurship

After reading his entire post, I wanted to share my thoughts on #2 and #4. These two stuck out the most to me. As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly trying to shape and relay your vision. Whether it’s to VCs and Investors to get your initial funding, or to the end users of your product, having your vision narrowed down is key. By blogging and writing down your ideas and thoughts, it just helps you that much more in terms of your vision. Because you’re physically writing stuff down and thinking about your thoughts as you grow, it helps you convey your message better.

Blogging about them requires you to think more deeply, fleshing out your ideas and understanding them better.

In retrospect to that, I feel that as blogging helps you shape your vision, it also helps you become an industry expert that much more. By blogging about your experiences and findings, you become that much more knowledgeable about your industry and product. Since blogging about your product requires you know and understand your market, you in essence become that much more validated as an entrepreneur in your market. Not only do you become an industry expert, but you also become a voice in your industry.

Well-written, relevant posts will help you position yourself as an industry expert and get your name out there among people in your field.

Overall, blogging only helps us as entrepreneurs. Staying engaged and being relevant in our industry, seem to be an important skill sets to have. I for one, have told myself that I will try and find the time to blog a little more. Not only does it help me grow, but it seems to help me relieve stress as well (see here for my other post on regarding why writing is good). To fellow entrepreneurs out there, keep up your hard work!

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