Twitter Is Testing Potential New Photo/Video Editing Tools

Good morning. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends. Some may be recovering from the crazy antics from yesterday’s MTV VMAs. As per usual, I was doing my usual news article browsing, when I came across something VERY interesting, via @TechCrunch. The article was fresh off my Twitter feed – you can read the full post here. With all the recent buzz surrounding Twitter, it was really interesting to see a post about a potential new feature for Twitter. What was more intriguing was that they timed it perfectly for the VMAs, where celebrities were using the new features.

The potential new features include:

  1. Ability to add stickers
  2. Ability to add your own doodles
  3. Ability to add your own text
  4. Ability to add more photos
  5. Ability to add short video clips (like VINE?)
  6. Ability to add GIFs???????????????

Twitter’s own, Lara Cohen, Twitter’s Director of Entertainment Talent, tweeted some of the ‘new features’ during last night’s MTV VMAs. Below is a Tweet from her account last night:

It comes to now surprise, with the new update for mobile featuring a redesigned sleek UI (see Tweet capture below), that Twitter has been quietly working on a few new additional updates/features. With all the hype about Twitter having to either sell or be bought out, it seems that Twitter has been ‘quietly’ working on improving its platform. I’m a big Twitter user, and have always been an avid fan. I don’t buy the BS that Twitter is lagging, and that it no longer is ‘innovative.’ I think in due time, Twitter will rebound and regain its place with the likes of the other social media giants out there.

With that, kudos to Twitter for keeping it fresh, and look forward to more awesome features!

Thumbs up STKR -

Thumbs up STKR –

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