LinkedIN Updates its Messaging Feature – Now Adds Stickers

So today’s news was about 2 things, first Google’s logo rebrand (I’ll do a separate post on that later) and LinkedIN, and it’s newly updated messaging function that now includes, you guessed it, STICKERS! It was a shocker of an announcement to me. LinkedIN was the last company I expected to jump on the sticker/emoji bandwagon. But, truth be told, the organization indeed has added this feature for its user base. To read the full article, click here.

screenshot via LinkedIN

screenshot via LinkedIN

I guess it’s no surprise that LinkedIN had to do something to keep up with the tide? I’m not sure how positive this new feature will be received by its users. Coming from this space, I am very intrigued to find out what the user base reactions will be. Stickers/Emojis/GIFs, have all become a widely used phenomenon. With more and more companies plopping up in this space, it seems that companies that incorporate messaging, i.e LinkedIN, Facebook, and others are including stickers/emojis/GIFs. Then again, the ‘communication’ we knew of the past, has drastically changed in today’s standards. Perhaps we’ll see some of stickers on LinkedIN? :).

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