HoverCards – A Cool New Hip Way To Preview Links

Hello! For those of you living here in the U.S, hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day Holiday! I came across a very interesting new product from a Startup group(SSG) that I am part of. The product is called HoverCards. What caught my attention about the product was that it’s a cool unique extension for your Google Chrome Browser (click link to download extension), that enables you to ‘quick view’ links that users share from various social media sites.

Screenshot from HooverCards

Screenshot from HooverCards Home Page

According to their site, HoverCards is: a Chrome extension that lets you preview social links from YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, SoundCloud, imgur, & Instagram. Basically, you can ‘hover’ over any links mentioned above, and it will automatically give you a quick preview. So if you’re too ‘lazy’ to click on a link, you can just quick view it instead (See screenshot from my Twitter account below).

HoverCards Link Preview

HoverCards Link Preview

I’ve tested the extension out myself and it’s pretty unique. It doesn’t impede my browsing experience and works seamlessly. If you’re in need of a cool new extension, I highly suggest you go ahead and check them out. Download it for yourself and see the magic :).

Congratulations to the HoverCards team, and thank you @tbh of HoverCards for sharing on SSG’s Slack Channel! Great job on your new launch and wish you all the best. Oh, and on a side note – They’ve also launched their product on Product Hunt! Go and give them an upvote when you get a chance 😉 – You can view their showcase by clicking here.

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