A Dating App Based on Bacon? – Whaaaaaat?!

So, I was doing my usual morning Twitter browsing, and came across this INTERESTING story. Apparently, according to Adweek, Oscar Mayer (Yes the company that produces everyone’s favorite Hot Dog) has just released a new dating app – based off of your love for BACON. Dubbed, “Sizzl” this new dating app, matches users with others that share their love of bacon. You can read the full article here.

The Bacon for Bacon Lovers – Sizzl (Oscar Mayer)

From what I read from the Adweek article, Sizzl basically functions like this:

  • User downloads the app
  • Sets up preferences based off of “bacon preferences”
  • Creates user profile
  • Begins to “swipe” through other users’s profiles

Uh, so – is anyone else as confused as I am? Why in the world did Oscar Mayer, a company that produces consumer goods that are physically consumed, create a frickin dating app? This just has me completely perplexed. I mean, dating apps are hot right now, but to make one based off of your affinity for bacon? Let alone by Oscar Mayer? COME ON. Honestly, I can say this: Oscar Mayer will never be the same in my book. If you’re still in disbelief, you can check out their official page here. If you go to their ‘FAQ’ section, there’s a Question that asks if the app is legit (see screen shot below).

Screenshot from Sizzl's FAQ

Screenshot from Sizzl’s FAQ

Still don’t believe me? You can check out the official app that’s available for iOS here. Or, you can just watch their ridiculous video advertisement below :P.

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