The Power Of SSG – Startup Study Group

Edit: Added the YouTube video for the episode. Enjoy!

I recently came across this great session that was shared by Charles Jo, founding member of SSG (Startup Study Group) – I’ve linked a previous post of mine that discusses SSG. The only reason why I was able to find out about the awesome live Blab, was because of my affiliation with SSG. Conducted by Sol Weinreich ( a member of SSG 🙂 ), the session was part of his weekly roundup, called PitchCraft. Based out of NYC, Sol conducts weekly sessions via, that discusses all things startups, tech, and VCs. See his Tweet below:

Edit: I learned more from Sol via SSG that PitchCraft is a blab show that connects startup founders with Investors/mentors.

We try to help answer one question. What keeps you up at night? Startups are super hard and mentorship makes it a little easier. – Sol Weinreich 

This was my first time viewing one of Sol’s roundups, but it was really great. The session featured him connecting a few startups/founders with Jeremy Shure, mentor at TechStars NYC, who also runs an accelerator out of Horizon Media. The Blab featured some great discussions by the startup founders, Sol, and Jeremy. What was amazing to see was how Sol was connecting these founders to Jeremy. It was great to see a mentor like Jeremy, provide his analysis, knowledge, and expertise to the founders. I’m a big fan of TechStars, so when Charles shared the live Blab link to Sol’s session, I immediately jumped on to view what was happening. It truly was inspiring to see Jeremy and Sol giving back to the Tech/Startup community through the Blab live chat. What made it even better was that I was able to learn some great knowledge thanks in part to my membership at SSG.

Below is a screenshot from Sol’s PitchCraft Episode:

Sol Weinreich's Session. - Top left: Sol Weinreich, Top right: Jeremy Shure, Bottom left: GetCroissant team founders.

Sol Weinreich’s Session. – Top left: Sol Weinreich, Top right: Jeremy Shure, Bottom left: GetCroissant team founders.

SSG is not just your ordinary startup group. It’s an organization that has a number of intelligent people, startup gurus, passionate founders, and tech-savvy entrepreneurs. Sol’s session was incredible, and was inspiring to watch as an entrepreneur. The startup business is tough, and trying to get advice from esteemed mentors such as Jeremy is even tougher. People like Sol should really be recognized for giving back to the community. Also, startup groups like SSG should gain more traction as well. SSG is a community that gives back, and helps each other out. And furthermore, more mentors like Jeremy are needed for entrepreneurs and startup founders. If you’re an entrepreneur and reading this, I highly suggest you join SSG, follow Sol’s Twitter and Blab, and also follow @JeremyShure. Thanks to @Sol and @Charles for sharing this awesome moment. Keep up the great work guys!

Now, without further adieu, I present you the link to the PitchCraft episode by Sol. If you want to learn more about GetCroissant (Will do a separate post on them later) click here.

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