GetCroissant – A Hip New Way To Find Shared Space PT. 1

Edit: I’ve added an awesome YouTube video that’s been done by the Croissant Team!

This is a follow up post to yesterday’s post on The Power of SSG – linked for you to read if you want. I wanted to do a separate post regarding a new product/company I came across thanks in part to Sol Weinreich’s PitchCraft episode on (Click here to view the full replay broadcast). If you want a full rundown of what the Blab session was about, click on the link “The Power of SSG” above. During the session, an amazing company, called Croissant, was featured. Two of its Co-Founders, Dave Idell & Nisha Garigarn, were linked with Jeremy Shure, Director of Innovation at Horizon Media // Mentor at TechStars, through Sol’s show, to ask any pertinent questions they had regarding startups and strategies.

We are on a mission to enable people to create from anywhere. We seek to make beautiful work spaces easily accessible, and to fill seats seamlessly. We want people to focus on making the next big thing, not finding a place to work on it – Croissant Team

I checked out Croissant myself, and really liked their story. What they do is provide a service for anyone who is in need of finding a quick and accommodating spot to work. Anything from a co-working space to a nice hot spot on top of a roof top, Croissant members can get access to “spaces” to do their work. What caught my attention the most was that they’re about promoting a creative and productive work space, for a monthly fee. What this means is: their service enables you to find the perfect location that fits your needs; fast WiFi, creative atmosphere, unique space, and much more. Croissant gives an example from their own story regarding a situation that involved going to their favorite coffee shops, but never being able to get the internet connection they needed, or able to find enough seats for their team to work and collaborate.

We loved the creative vibes and the great coffee, but were frustrated by the lack of comfortable seating and fast wifi. – Croissant Team

How Does It Work?

The way Croissant works is: users sign up and get monthly “hours” based off of membership tiers. Depending on which membership one chooses, they are then allowed to use the “hours” they receive per month, to utilize any of the spaces Croissant provides within their network, based off of the amount of hours they have. For now they are only NYC based, but sounds like they are working on adding more Cities. Oh, and if you use more than your allocated hours with the Part-Time membership, you then have to wait until your next billing cycle. If you’re a Full-time member, the maximum number of hours you can work per venue is 60, but have unlimited hours. I like this idea, as it seems like a way to make sure there will always be open seats for both Part-Time and Full-Time members. To learn more, click here to be taken to their features page.


Croissant has two tiers of pricing for its services: Part-Time member for a monthly fee, or a Full-Time member for a monthly fee. I’ve gone ahead and summarized both tiers, and what you get from the screen shot below (click on the image to be taken directly to their pricing page):

Croissant Pricing

Croissant Pricing

Do they have an app?

YES! This was MOST refreshing to know. They have both an iOS and Android app. I’ve gone ahead and linked them for those who want to download :).

Overall, I really like their product and idea. If you’re in NYC and in need of something new, I suggest you check them out. Great work by the Croissant Team and can’t wait to hear more updates!

Here’s there YouTube video!

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