/Slash – The New All-In-One Keyboard For Mobile

I came across a great new product that was featured on Product Hunt today via Twitter. Called Slash, the product is basically an all-in-one keyboard app for iOS. Co-founded by Cem Kozinoglu, Nick Barr, and Bulent Sik, the app – currently available for iOS (click here to download it), is a one-stop-shop that lets users easily share their favorite GIFs, stickers, Foursquare, and much more with a simple command – /xyz. What I mean by this is, let’s say you’re in a conversation with a friend via iMessage, and you wanted to quickly find a GIF, then change your mind and want a sticker instead. With Slash, all you would have to do is type /GIF – /Sticker

logo from Slash's Press Kit

logo from Slash’s Press Kit

Upon viewing its feature on Product Hunt, I immediately went to check them out and downloaded the app. Just like any other keyboard app available, it was simply download – install – add keyboard – give permission. Voila~ Slash was officially added and I could select it while using iMessage. I played around with the app some more and noticed how seamless and smooth the app actually was. I could easily type ‘/ whatever’ and it would immediately pull up my request (See my screenshot below). Along with ability to send quick GIFs and stickers, Slash also enables you to quickly share contacts, search for cool local places, and much more. I can definitely see a lot of users downloading this app to save time and alleviate the hassle of having to close their current conversations, open up a different copy, copy, and re-open iMessage…you get the picture :). So far, my experience with the app has been nothing but positive. I haven’t experienced any crashes and the UI/UX is pretty simple. I’m a big fan of GIFs, and it’s awesome to see them use GIPHY’s api to port directly into their platform.


Oh, by the way, this app is FREE. I highly suggest you download it and test it out yourself. Can’t wait to see what new updates they come up with and hope that the founders continue their momentum and gain more success.


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