Jot – The New Hip Spontaneous Group Chat

A while back, I came across an interesting app founded by Jeffrey Noh and Peter Pelberg, called Jot (Not the Jott Messenger app). I don’t recall exactly how, but all I remember is I saw someone Tweet about the app asking to join them in an real-time conversation they were having. As always, being an explorer, I decided to give the app a try to see what it was about. What I do remember was the conversation topic had to do with something regarding college students, snap chat, and picture taking for memories. I’ll spare all the details on what was discussed, and instead, tell you about my experience with Jot. Click here to download the app for iOS. 

Upon signing up and registering, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting into. However, as I navigated through the app, I immediately noticed what it was for. It was a place for individuals to start conversations based off of topics of interest. There was no catch and there were no separate categories in which you had to choose. Each Jot was a unique individual conversation. Conversations were anything; ranging from how one felt about oatmeal to discussing the VMAs. Whatever it was, it was a private place to have discussions with other Jot members. The app didn’t require me to sign up via any social network account or give my phone number. All I needed was a valid email and I could create my own Jot account. Also, as a user, I didn’t have to add a profile picture, or let alone, fill out a crazy profile in general. All you had to do was choose a user name, thus making you a Jot member by username only. The UI/UX was simple to use, and navigating through the app was pretty straight forward. You got push notifications (if you allowed) for new posts, or for when someone tagged you (by username) in a response.

Immediately spark a conversation with a thought. – Jot

Fast forward to today, I am still using the app. There are so many interesting conversations from a number of members. As I’ve continued to use it, I’ve also noticed its user base growing as well. Nobody judges you for your conversations. It’s a community for discussion. Thoughts, ideas, advice – you name it, are all shared and discussed. What I like most about it is, the feeling of a tight-knit community. Since it’s not public, you don’t get the sense of ‘feeling judged.’ It’s an closed platform for open discussions. I have not seen any instance where any of the users are rude or misbehave (they do give you the option to block someone in case it ever does happen). So far, my experience has been nothing but pleasurable. I’ve gone ahead and taken some screenshots to show you a glimpse of the app as a platform below:

jot screenshot2             jot screenshot3

Kudos to Peter and Jeffery for creating such an amazing platform for conversation curation. I know that I will continue to use the app and I hope his user base continues to grow. Keep up the great work!

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