PitchCraft Episode 9 Recap

Had the pleasure of tuning in to another great PitchCraft (click link to learn about PitchCraft from a previous post) session via Sol Weinreich. No different from previous PitchCraft episodes, the focus on this week’s Blab.im session was connecting Startup founders/entrepreneurs, with a VC/Advisor, to answer the question “What keeps you up at night?” The question is asked to the founders and then answered by the VC/Advisor. Sol’s great at connecting startups with those who are industry veterans in the startup space. On this week’s episode, Sol’s guest VC was Adam Carver, a VC at Mesa Ventures and former TechStars alum. Opposite Adam, were two startup founders, Noah Rosenberg – Founder of Marco, and Martin Basiri – Co-Founder of ApplyBoard.com.

First up, was Noah. To give a little background on Noah’s company, Marco creates ‘digital tags’ for your physical goods. For example, using Noah’s service, you can link your wallet with a tag, which then allows you to know exactly where it is. In case you ever forget where it is you put it ;). The dialogue between Noah, Sol, and Adam was great. It was my first time learning about both Noah and Adam, and boy let me tell you – Adam is a sharp VC. With the allotted time given for Noah to semi-pitch his company to Adam, there was a hardcore Q&A that went on :). You can click on the image to be taken to Marco’s website to learn more about their product.

Marco Logo

Marco Logo

After Noah’s session was up, Martin was next. His company, called ApplyBoard, was very unique, in that it was a college connector for international students. By connector, I mean his platform links international students outside of the U.S and Canada, to colleges and universities within the two countries. Call it an ‘agency for international students,’ ApplyBoard’s mission is to help international students with the process of applying and handling all the necessary steps in attending a college or university in the U.S & Canada. With over 90+ universities already signed on as partners, Martin’s platform seems to be making headway. No different to the pitch previous by Noah, Martin, Sol, and Adam go into some hard discussions regarding Martin’s business. Adam listened carefully to Martin’s business structure, how it earns revenue, and its overall functionality. Again, some very keen discussions went around amongst the three. To learn more about ApplyBoard, click on the image below.

ApplyBoard Logo

ApplyBoard Logo

Overall, it was yet another great PitchCraft session. Thanks to Sol, I was able to learn about 2 new companies and their founders, and a new VC. If you’re into learning about new companies and VCs, I highly recommend you follow Sol on Twitter, and tune into his PItchCraft episodes every week. Great job Sol and can’t wait until next week!

You can view the entire PitchCraft episode below:

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