– An Awesome Way To Gain VC Knowledge

I’m a big fan of doing VC research and learning about new knowledge regarding the startup world. It’s always great reading what new startups are popping, what founders are doing to kick start their companies, and any other advice entrepreneurs share amongst each other. VCs are no different, and they love to share their thoughts and opinions just as much as founders do. Some don’t realize, VCs are HUMAN too, and many of them, are quite humorous and are genuinely awesome people. I wanted to share an amazing YouTube series that I came across awhile back, called

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 10.46.19 PM

Started by Jonathon Treist and Brett deMarrais, founders of Ludlow Ventures out in Michigan, the YouTube series is a cool carpool series where they drive around their area while speaking with various tech entrepreneurs and VCs via phone. The very first episode I ever saw of their series was one with none other than Brad Feld, a VC I love to follow and highly respect. You can view the episode featuring him here. The episodes they do are highly entertaining as well as informative. No matter the guest, they discuss the latest tech stories, as well as ask interesting questions to their guests to answer. For example, in a recent episode featuring Mark Suster, VC at Upfront Ventures, they start off with asking about sports. What I love about the series is that they have casual conversations. It’s not always about business with VCs, and it’s great to see them just be cool and down to earth. One of the biggest advice that I always take to heart from VCs is that they are very vocal in that entrepreneurs should “get to know them” before approaching them. is one way to try and gain knowledge about VCs. Although you might not personally know any of the guests, you can get a better feel of what type of person he/she may be. No different, all the guests on give sound advice and their honest opinions. If you’re an entrepreneur like I am, I highly suggest you start watching the series. Below is the latest episode featuring Mark Suster. Enjoy :).

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