– A Product Review

Good morning! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I wanted to start off this week with a new app review. For those who follow my blogs, I am part of an amazing group called StartupStudyGroup (SSG for short). If you’re new to my blog and are unaware of what SSG is, I’ve gone ahead and linked a previous post of mine that goes into detail about what SSG is. Now for the juicy stuff, I was introduced to a very interesting app over the weekend, called Founded by Patrick Frey, Among is a unique app where it’s a dedicated anonymous chat/forum discussion platform for industry professionals. Think of it as an open forum, but generalized towards working professionals. There’s no hidden catch, and users don’t have to feel ‘pressured’ that they need to be wary about what they say or how they represent themselves as their company employee. It’s anonymous, meaning you can create a username and not have it affiliated with your company via linkedin or any other social network you might use.

Stop “Networking”. Start Talking. –

I was fortunate enough to get an invite code through SSG, and downloaded the app. The UI/UX is very sleek and simple to use. The signup process was simple enough and I was immediately connected once I finalized my registration. Navigating through the app was also very simple. You can scroll down and browse through the different various topics of discussion, such as: startups, tech, and much more. Similar to forums, you can also upvote certain topics that interest you. Along with browsing, you can also comment and tag people to respond directly. The app itself ran very smooth with no crashes or bugs. Not only did I have no issues, I even went to test its ‘link sharing’ feature by sharing a YouTube clip. Everything worked seamlessly, and I could definitely see a lot of industry professionals using the app to have great discussions. Since it doesn’t request for any social profiles, or a full blown profile itself, the ability to stay anonymous was refreshing. It really is a pretty cool app.

among logo

If you’re big into new apps and all about talking startups, tech, and entrepreneurship, I suggest you download the app. You can request an invite code here. I’ve also gone ahead and taken a few screenshots of the app below for your enjoyment :).

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