Haaash (NO NOT THAT) – A Tech Product Review

Edit: There have been lots of discussion surrounding the company’s name. See here for an explanation. 

I came across yet another interesting product thanks in part to my membership to SSG. The product is called Haaash, founded by Soufian Malih. Nicknamed “The New Generation of Products Help Centers,” the platform is a all-hands-on help center that alleviates the need to search for questions via any search engine. Have a question about a topic but are tired of sifting through webpages to come to your exact specific problem? Well, seems like Haaash wants to be the end-all solution for your problem.

Haaash is the new generation of products help centers.

A community meant for a community, I was fortunate enough to have the pleasure of speaking with the founder, Soufian, via SSG. In order to gain a better grasp on his product, I conducted a semi-interview via Slack directly with him. You can read his answers below that will help you get a better understanding of Haaash.

Q: What’s the story behind Haaash? 

A: For a long time help centers were a static hard-to-explore ghost town that most customers use at last resort when needing help. This explains why most of us choose asking search engines for answers rather than digging into pages of help centers.

Q: How does Haaash work?

A: Haaash’s aim is to take help centers to the next level by making them interactive, open, fun to use and engaging both for product makers and users.

Q: Any inspiration behind why you built Haaash?

A. By borrowing the Stackoverflow model, Haaash makes of the help center an open community center where users can directly ask product makers questions and get answered in real time. Share their hands on experience with others and connect with the product worldwide users.

Q: Is it free?

A. Haaash is initially free under the basic account up until you reach a certain number of monthly unique visitors. From there, we have 3 tier plans, starting from $12 a month to our premium, $149+ a month. You can learn more about our pricing by visiting http://haaash.com/plans.

Q: Is there a catch for signing up?

A. NO! Joining is free and we don’t require you to register a credit card!

I went ahead and reviewed Haaash’s site a little more and found some cool features that come with it. For example, you can upvote questions or answers, comment, share via social networks, and also flag anything you feel is inappropriate (this is cool in case of Trolls). It’s UI/UX is fairly simple and signing up is rather easy. All you need is a Twitter account and it does the rest for you. Sign in via your social network account and you can start ‘Haaash‘ing away immediately. Overall, I was pretty impressed by the platform and hope that it’ll gain some momentum and traction as it grows its user base. Oh, did I mention, it was featured on Product Hunt as well? 🙂 – you can view it here.

You can also view some screenshots of the platform below.

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