IceCream Product Review – A New Clever Camera & Photo App

Came across this amazing new App for iOS via SSG and Product Hunt, called IceCream (NO IT DOESN’T GIVE YOU THE ACTUAL DELICIOUS COLD STUFF). They are currently featured on Product Hunt’s home page and are gaining a lot of momentum through upvotes. I wasn’t sure what the product actually was at first (the name made me think of eating ice cream though), but I decided to check it out and see what it was about.

The App that Frees Up iPhone Space. Fast. – IceCream

IceCream is a camera/photo app, that enables iPhone users to utilize their internal storage to the fullest, without having to go through the hassle of having to delete photos. Have you (like myself) ever come across the dreaded “Cannot take photo – not enough storage” message while trying to take a photo? Well, IceCream seems to combat that, as it wants to help users get rid of those annoying messages about storage. Think of it as an all-in-one maintenance app with the ability to take photos with it as well.

I downloaded the app for my iPhone thanks in part to a special deal going on for Product Hunt members (if you’re not a Hunter, I suggest you sign up via the link for Product Hunt above). Their website is really fun and designed superbly. The app itself has a sleek UI/UX design, and is VERY easy to navigate. Registering is simple, just pick a username and add your email, and you’ll be sent a verification code (I thought this was weird, but hang on). Once you finalize your registration, IceCream works its magic and lets you know exactly how much free space you have, and how many pictures you have left that you can take. Navigating through the app was fairly easy, as you just swipe left or right. Opening the camera feature was easy enough and snapping a photo was a breeze. Everything is done through their servers (for you privacy pirates have no fear, they have a great privacy and terms of agreement). Ok, so now back to the verification code – IceCream also has a cool feature where you can comment and share photos within your private network of friends (other IceCream members). This is probably why they want to make sure everything is secure and accommodating for its users.

Overall, I was very impressed with the app. The platform itself reminded me of a social network (hint???) and the ability to store photos and free up more space on your phone is a godsend. I really envision a lot of users wanting to use this, as it’s not just a photo app or a storage app. It lets you have the best of both worlds.

Thanks in part to the wonderful networking world of SSG, I was fortunate enough to send a few interview questions through a team member of IceCream to its founder, George Berkowski .

Below is the interview conducted:

Q: What is IceCream?

A: IceCream is a new clever camera and photo app that allows you to Free Up Space fast on your phone. You choose how much more room you need ~ for 250, 1000, 2500 or 5000 more photos – and we free it up with the tap of a button.

Q: Who are its founders?

A: IceCream was founded by George Berkowski, an MIT rocket scientist, tech entrepreneur, former Head of Product at the revolutionary HAILO taxi app (launching the app into 13 cities) and author of How to Build a Billion Dollar App (Little, Brown Books).

The IceCream team also includes co-founder and serial app engineer Andrew Paul Simmons, who has built more than 30 apps for CNET News, 60 Minutes, Big Brother, Survivor and Flowboard. As engineering lead, Andrew sprinkles over ten years of app experience on to IceCream.

The team went to MIT, Imperial and Oxford University

Q: What was the vision behind your product?

A: Our vision and mission to make sure people “never miss another moment”. Our Free Up Space feature allows you to keep taking photos when you most need to ~ when you’re out and about. It is about freeing up space fast AND keeping all your precious photos and videos on your phone.

It was inspired when I had to delete precious photos off my phone when I proposed to my (now) wife! The long story is here.

Q: Why the name IceCream? 

A: Who doesn’t like IceCream? We wanted a memorable, fun name that everyone would remember. Photos, videos and memories should evoke positive emotions ~ like summertime, the beach, friends ~ and IceCream!

Q: Does it cost anything to use?

A: Right now it is FREE to download and use. Users will always be able to Free Up a good amount of space for free, and then power users, who need to free up even more will pay a one-off, in-app payment of around $0.99 to make space for another 1000 photos (we’re working on the details).

Q: What would you say your spirit animal would be?

A: Definitely an eagle ~ I love the sensation of flying and being up in the air.

You can download the app directly by going here. Also, below is an amazing video created by the IceCream team that shows you what the app does :).

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