Tap Conference 2015

Hello! I didn’t get to do a post yesterday, as I was busy attending a conference. I had the amazing opportunity to attend Tap Conference 2015, held in New York City at the New World Stages, that was organized by Button. To give you a little background on Button, the company focuses on connecting mobile businesses with the entire mobile app ecosystem. Founded by Michael Jaconi, Mike Dudas, Chris Maddern, Tanner Hackett, Stephen Milbank, and Siddhartha Dabral, Button’s focus is ‘enable smart connections between apps that drive installs, increase engagement, and facilitate mobile commerce.’ Staying true to its realm, Tap Conference 2015 was the first ever conference organized button that focused on panels discussions regarding mobile, mobile apps, and the mobile economy as a whole.

Assembling the brightest minds in mobile to chart the path forward in the app economy – Tap Conference 2015

There were some amazing panel sessions covering topics on:

  1. The Mobile App Economy
  2. The Past, Present, and Future of Delivery
  3. Contextual Commerce and the Future of Buy Buttons
  4.  The Role of Regulation in 21st Century Marketplaces
  5. Connecting Fortune 500s to the Mobile Economy
  6. A hell of a lot more

The entire Conference was focused on how mobile and the mobile app economy has grown, and what are some useful best practices for marketers to gain a presence in front of their consumers in the space.

I met a lot of great people, and overall it was an amazing conference to attend. There were so many bright minds and individuals, ranging from Facebook, Google, Foursquare, Stripe, Pinterest, Business Insider, to startup founders and entrepreneurs. It was a great event for people to learn about what was going on in the mobile economy and to see how companies, big and small, were adjusting their practices to keep their consumers happy and engaged.

Oh, I think my most favorite part was who spoke first, as it was none other than Gary Vaynerchuk ;).

Below are some photos I took from the conference. Enjoy~

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