Twitter Names Jack Dorsey as CEO!

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Good morning! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I wanted to start off this week with a short and simple post: Jack Dorsey is named CEO of Twitter! Previously, Dorsey, Co-Founder of Twitter as well as Square, was initially interim CEO as Dick Costello decided to step down. It took the board at Twitter, months…MONTHS, to finally reach a unanimous decision in making Jack the permanent CEO. Below is a Tweet from one of Twitter’s Board Members, Peter Currie – who led the search for the ‘right’ CEO for Twitter.

What makes this story even more bitter sweet is that Jack was initially ousted for the company he helped Co-create back in 2008. Of course, there were all sorts of rumors as to why he was let go, but that’s all in the past. Ever since Dick Costello stepped down from his position as CEO, Jack has held the interim CEO position (over 100 days). Tech advocates, VCs, reporters, and fans a like, have all been advocating for Jack to become permanent CEO. Since the transition, Twitter has been taking some heavy hits as a company. Its stock has been hoovering around its initial IPO price, and it hasn’t grown much in terms of user base. Although they did acquire Periscope, many in the tech industry have been advocating that Twitter needs to do more, if it can sustain its foothold in the industry.

However, even with all that, the Twitter board had taken its sweet old time to decide on who should be the next permanent CEO. Because of this, a VERY well-known VC, who, was one of the first to ever invest in Twitter initially, has been extremely vocal in showing his disappointment with Twitter’s board. That man, who always wears fly cowboy shirts and shiny belt buckles, is Chris Sacca. Sacca is probably by far the best advocate for Twitter and Jack Dorsey. Although he isn’t on the board, he always makes sure his voice is heard, whether through Twitter itself, or by any other means necessary. Check below to see what I mean :).

Warning: His beard is mesmerizing.

Video courtesy of USAToday.

Once again, congratulations to Jack and look forward to some amazing new product add-ons for Twitter!

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