Wiblits – The New Hip Competitive Games For Mobile

I’m a big fan of mobile games. Mobile has become so engrained in our everyday lives, and there are thousands of apps to choose from. Being an iOS user, I am always on the hunt for new and upcoming games that not only excite me, but challenge me as well. No different to my other product reviews, I came across a very interesting new ‘competitive mini games’ app called Wiblits, Co-Founded by Adam Turner, Colin Turner, Conrad Kurth, Joel Steinbaugh. Dubbed “An app for you to play quick, fun games with your friends and others,” it is currently available on the iOS app store. You can download it directly by clicking here.

Wiblits is a platform for competitive HTML5 mini-gaming. – Adam Turner

What makes Wiblits stand out from the rest is that it’s not your ordinary ‘gaming’ app. It’s an app that consists of multiple games, that are geared towards challenging you. The best way to describe it from my point of view is that it’s a social gaming platform. The games themselves aren’t your typical ‘high definition’ graphics with ‘in depth’ character designs that have all sorts of crazy leveling up missions that requires you to ‘purchase’ new weapons and accessories. Instead, Wiblits offers your competitive gaming that emphasizing on your ability to think and react (OH DON’T WORRY, SOME SKILL IS REQUIRED AS WELL). Also, the app allows you to compete against public players by trying to beat their scores based off of what game you choose to play. This is where the social factor kicks in, as it’s pretty much live competition on the go.

Overall, I really like Wiblits and its competitive factor. The games may seem simple, but they are addicting. You don’t have to be a pro gamer to play. The games are simple enough and are fun to play if you want to relax or need something to do to kill some time. I had the privilege of interviewing one of its founders, Adam Turner, to give me a little more detail regarding his app and how it came into fruition.

Below is my interview with Adam. Enjoy 🙂

Q: What is Wiblits?

A: Wiblits is a platform for competitive HTML5 mini-gaming. We are the easiest way for mobile gamers to compete, and have over 35 games published on our platform. We are most compared to WarioWare and Mario Party.

Q: Who are its founders?

A: Wiblits was founded by my brother (Colin Turner), me (Adam Turner), my friend (Conrad Kurth), and Colin’s friend (Joel Steinbaugh).

Colin and Joel were roommates at USC and graduated in 2009, and Conrad and I went to high school and college together (Cate ’10, USC ’15). I studied physics at USC and Conrad, who does all the programming for Wiblits, studied computer-science (specifically games). Colin and Joel both studied business at USC.

Colin is the CEO, Joel heads design, I head growth, and Conrad does everything technical.

Q: How did you come up with the name ‘Wiblits’?

A: The name “Wiblits” comes from the original idea that Colin had, which was to have a desktop client that popped up games once a day for everyone to play. The games would be under a minute and all the scores would be compared across company departments, competing companies, friends, states, countries, etc. (I think Colin needed some excitement at his old job, lol ).

The idea is that it would be a “Web Blitz” which sounds lame at first, until you combine it into the name “Wiblits”.

Q: What’s the vision behind your platform?

A: At Wiblits, we believe that playing games is a form of communication, just like sharing a photo, video, or text with someone. We want to strengthen communities and relationships by allowing groups of people to play easy, quick games together. For this reason, all the games are VERY easy to learn and play, but very hard to master.

Q: How many games do you currently have?

A: We have over 35 games on the platform, but have developed close to 80. We only publish our very best games to the Wiblits App.

Q: What’s your favorite game you play so far?

A: Personally, my favorite game Scarves, but I’ve recently lost my magic touch in that game. I am currently unbeatable in Dismount and I welcome any challenges.

Q: If you could choose a spirit animal, what would it be?

A: My spirit animal is easily a Golden Retriever.

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