PONCHO – The Cool New Way For Weather Updates

I know it’s been quite awhile since my last blog post, apologies for that. It’s been a rather busy last couple of days, and I have finally found some time to update and write a few posts. No different from my usual posts, I wanted to start off with a product review. A few weeks back, I came across an interesting company called PONCHO. The company offers a unique weather service through its API that makes it a little more personalized and catered towards your individual needs. What do I mean by personalized? I’ll get into that more below.

Want tailored weather and travel reports that will make your day? I’ve got you covered. – PONCHO

So what exactly is PONCHO? How is it ‘personalized weather updates?’ – Well, it’s exactly as I just said. PONCHO delivers weather updates that are preset by what YOU need. It isn’t your typical weather website, nor does it offer an app (yet?). Instead, how PONCHO works is you register on its website to have weather updates delivered to you via email or text message. If the service is offered in your area (it is in mine – THANK GOD), you can register yourself on its website through a simple and seamless process. This is where PONCHO offers you more personalized service. As you register, the service will ask you a few simple questions regarding your lifestyle such as what time you wake up on weekdays, what time you leave work, weekend sleep schedule, and more. (FOR YOU PRIVACY TROLLS IT DOESN’T GET TOO PERSONAL SO BACK OFF) I took the liberty of taking some screenshots showing how you can personalize PONCHO below.

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So far, I’ve been checking my PONCHO updates everyday – as soon as I wake up and when I leave my office. I really like the personalized weather updates and its easy simple messaging via Text enables me to get my weather alerts without having to open up a clunky weather app. Also, the funny puns it incorporates with its updates is kind of cool. Nothing like getting a little humor to start your day off (with a cup of coffee of course).

Kudos to Matt Hartman for really showing off PONCHO more by featuring one its team members on his Weekly Product Roundup (linked so you can view it). Keep up the great work PONCHO!

To learn more or to sign up, I suggest you check out their homepage here.

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