GetCroissant – A Hip New Way To Find Shared Space PT. 2

OK – I’m not going to lie, ever since I came across a few shared space services, I’ve become an avid fan of their services. There are a ton out there, ranging from WeWork, LiquidSpace, and Breather, to certain spots that are more generalized to a specific area. However, when it comes to co-working/shared space, it’s really a trial and error in my opinion. Whatever your choice of preference, there are a ton of selections for you to choose from (seems like a hot market, but what do I know). For me, I’ve come to love and appreciate one specific platform, called Croissant. Before I dive into why I like Croissant, I’ll just say this: I am in no way affiliated with them, or do any marketing, or branding, or anything for that matter – SO LAY OFF. I just like them because I tried other platforms, and I’ve come to like them the most because they fit what I want and need.

when it comes to co-working/share space, it’s really a trial and error in my opinion. – Geeky_Yang

So now to my first hand experience with their service. I’ll save you on the boredom of going through how to sign up, their features, etc. To learn more, you can visit my Part 1 write-up about them here. Instead, I’ll go into how my experience was from my first ever shared space visit to one of their locations.

The location I visited was their Edison Shared Space location in Union Square, and was fairly easy to find. Once I arrived at the building location, I had to check-in with the security guard on staff, which was no issue. All I had to say was “I’m a Croissanter checking in to the Edison shared space” and was directed to which floor it was. Upon stepping off the elevator, I noticed the decorative ambiance that resonated from the floor. I went to check in with the Edison Community staff personnel (you’re given easy directions from Croissant on how to do so when you choose to check-in via their App).

After all that was said and done, voila – I stepped into the Edison Community Co-Working Hub. Immediately, I noticed decorative lamps and unique light bulb fixtures – HMM, I wonder why, EDISON??? The entire co-working space was very clean and quaint. There were a few others there (I said Hi as I’m no shy guy). They were all Croissanters like myself. This made me realize that Croissant was legit, and I wasn’t walking into some weird place. I took a seat and plugged in my laptop. WiFi is free as it’s included in your membership, and of course, the restroom is for your use as well (YO IT’S HARD FINDING A DECENT RESTROOM IN NYC). I wasn’t once bothered by the other shared space users, as all were busy doing their thing. You could definitely feel the energy of ‘dedication and hard work’ as I got the sudden urge to plug away at what I needed to do. I continued to bask in the quiet and started doing my work.

Soon afterwards, I wanted to explore the Shared Space some more, and saw that it had a nice little private conference room overlooking the street. I decided to head on over there as no one was using it. The size of the room was decent, as it could fit up to 4-5 people. It had a nice chalk board as well as a poster board, which were all free to use.

All in all, I had a great experience during my time using Croissant. The check-in and check-out processes were easy. Before deciding to leave, I took a mini break and wanted to look outside the window and just mull in the view (which was pretty decent – see screenshots below).

So yeah, Croissant is legit and their service is pretty unique and easy to use. They’re only available in NYC, but that’s fine, I’m sure they’ll branch out soon. OH – BTW, I had thought I had checked-out, but in fact, I didn’t. The Croissant Team immediately noticed and shot me a message asking if everything was OK. They credited me back my hours – kudos to them for being on point.

IMG_0970             IMG_0971

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