Twitter’s Newest Television Ad

So yesterday, Twitter unveiled it’s new Television Ad, and people were all over it. By ‘all over it’ – I mean that many people were saying nothing but negative things about the newest TV Ad. It seems that the general consensus was that it was a ridiculous advertisement that wasn’t showing off what Twitter was, and that it just didn’t make any sense. There were all sorts of news articles written as soon as the ad was unveiled. I wanted to write a post about it because I feel that many people are just jumping the gun, without really trying to think about what Twitter is trying to do.

the campaign’s goal is to let targeted segments of potential users see the stuff that’s on Twitter every day. – Anthony Noto, CFO of Twitter via an Interview with The Verge

To give you a little summary about the advertisement, it’s a short 30 second clip that showcases the current Baseball Post-Season featuring the teams that are currently in the playoffs along with some of the players from various ball clubs. The advertisement itself incorporates Twitter and its newest feature, Moments, where you can get live quick updates on certain topics directly to your Twitter feed. It also features jamming background music along with color GIFs and summaries of people’s tweets as well as video loops of replays from plays during the Baseball Post-Season.

I guess this is where people found the advertisement to be bad? I mean, Twitter is promoting itself as a platform as well as Moments. Not really sure why there’s so much negative criticism about all of it. It seems that many think that Twitter isn’t focusing on its platform, but instead, just doing whatever to gain more users. WRONG – I think what this advertisement does is display Twitter as not what we all know (and love for some) of it as, 140 characters to blast away instantaneously to users on the platform. No – instead what this advertisement does in my opinion is it shows Twitter as much more. Not just a platform to “Tweet,” but an ecosystem that enables you to do much more. Moments is live curation of certain topics once you follow. This what’s appealing about Moments, because you can get live, up to the minute updates. With the connection between Moments and Baseball, it’s doing exactly what it needs to, catering towards a segmented audience in Baseball fans.

I came across a great article via Martin Bryant, of TheNextWeb, who sums up the advertisement perfectly. The advertisement isn’t for the people who are currently using the platform, it’s for those who AREN’T. That’s the big takeaway from the new ad, and that’s what I think people should realize. I highly suggest you read Martin’s summary here.

Take a look at the advertisement and decide for yourselves.

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