You say Picasso, I say PIKAZO!

SO, it’s been quite awhile since my last post. I’ve been quite busy and apologize for not staying on top of my blogging. I guess a lot has happened over the past few weeks in tech, including WordPress as well, but I’ll get into all that in later posts. For now, I wanted to do my usual Product Review posts and share an amazing new fun app I recently came across.

A few days ago, I came across an interesting Tweet by none other than THE Ryan Hoover ;).  For those who do not know who Ryan is, uh…..uh…..please go to Product Hunt! – Any who, back to the Tweet. Ryan is always great at sharing new products he personally likes or has come across (SHIT I MEAN THAT’S WHAT PH IS ABOUT). No different to his normal fun tweets, he shared an interesting Selfie photo of his that was rather intriguing (see Tweet below). It was a picture of his photo that was morphed into a Pizza. I thought it was interesting, but didn’t really pay much more attention to it.

Fast forward to yesterday, I had some free time to actually check out the product Ryan was talking about that turned his lovely face into a pizza.

The app is called Pikazo (Like Picasso, but with a K – funny pun). I decided to go back to Product Hunt’s website, and click on the link provided to download the app for iOS myself. Mind you, it’s $2.99, but I’m a fan of testing new products, so I decided to go ahead and purchase it to see the magic for myself.

According to Pikazo’s website: “Pikazo is at the very bleeding edge of neural network software. It really, truly, actually works by simulating the way your brain sees images.” – this is what made me more interested, as I wanted to really test out their product to see how it all actually worked.

Pikazo is at the very bleeding edge of neural network software. It really, truly, actually works by simulating the way your brain sees images – Pikazo 

The entire process to “Pikasofie” (I made it up) your portrait was simple. All I had to do was allow access to my photo library, then choose a photo that I wanted to use, select the style I wanted (Picasso, Van Gogh, etc) and voila!~ Here’s the kicker: the app doesn’t morph your picture right away. NO – don’t be alarmed, it’s because Pikaso’s software needs time analyzing and processing your photo. What this means is, depending on the quality of your photo – basic to advanced – it takes time to fully process and provide you an amazing Pikasofied photo. Take a look at a photo of mine that was Pikasofied below. (wait time was about 4 minutes – not bad)


Look at me, I’m a Pikaso!~ 🙂

Overall, the app itself was pretty neat. It didn’t require any crazy knowledge on art, and wasn’t complex to use. I could see why so many people were checking them out and using it to make some unique photos.

If you want more information or want to download the app for iOS, you can do so by going here: Pikazo.


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