Korean Noodle House in Flushing, New York

For those who may not know me, I am a big foodie. I always enjoy exploring and trying new restaurants, especially if they involve 2 things: Korean Cuisine & Noodles! I’m a huge sucker for all things carbs, and this place I’m about to tell you about sure fits the bill (in a GOOD HEALTHY WAY). The restaurant I recently visited was called Daesung Korean Noodle, located in Flushing, New York. Funny enough, I was visiting a Buddhist Monk that I consider my mentor as well as someone who is like an Uncle to me along with my girlfriend. The Abbott, named Chung Ho, highly recommended this place and asked if we would like to join him for lunch. Of course, as soon as he explained more about the dishes the restaurant served, I immediately said ABSOLUTELY!

Upon arriving in front entrance of the restaurant, I thought the place looked quaint and interesting while peeking through its windows. As we walked inside, the atmosphere and ambiance of the restaurant was nice. Although it was busy, it did not feel like your typical bustling Korean restaurant (at least from the ones I’ve experienced), but instead just a place where they served good food. As we sat down at our table, I couldn’t help but sneak in some looks at other tables and see what dishes were ordered. Everything looked delicious and fit in nicely with the overall decor of the restaurant. If you Google “Daesung Korean Noodle Flushing” you’ll see that their description says:

Korean restaurant featuring noodle dishes, soups & pancakes in a little space with blond-wood decor.

The description definitely fits the bill. Their menu was a wide variety, ranging from spicy soup bases to vegan options (made me realize why Abbot Chung Ho recommended the place) as well as Korean Pancakes called Pajeon in Korean, a delicacy that is not an actual pancake but almost an equivalent. They seemed to pride themselves not only on their selections for their menu, but also the fact that all their noodles were hand pulled before being added to any main dish. I wanted something spicy so I ordered Bibim Noodles w/meat (mixed noodles in spicy Korean paste sauce with meat and vegetables) while my girlfriend ordered Cold Noodles mixed in beans that have been boiled and ground afterwards and Abbot Chung Ho ordered traditional Korean Kalguksu (knife cut wheat flour noodles) with vegetables and vegetable broth as its soup base. Although each of us ordered our own main dishes, I couldn’t help but also want to order some Korean pancakes aka Pajeon. The table next to us had a rather well sized plate that appeared to me as Seafood Pajeon.

After waiting for a bit while enjoying our conversations, the moment of truth finally came! The food arrived! Oh, of course if you’ve ever been to any Korean restaurant, you can’t forget about the side dishes they serve you first. YES – Daesung Korean Noodle was no different. They served us side dishes and also some amazing Kimchi! Turns out the restaurant makes their own homemade Kimchi and it’s a hit with all locals to the point they order in bulk batches to-go. Nonetheless, our food came and it was time to feast. My spicy Bibim Noodles was better than expected. The sauce was not too spicy and the flavors mixed in perfectly with the noodles themselves, and the noodles themselves were smooth and easy to chew on. After taking a few more bites from my dish, I then tried the Korean Pancake that we technically ordered as an appetizer. The pancake itself was a little crispy and cooked to perfection. If you’ve never tried Korean Pajeon before, everyone has their own style and preference. I like mine a little crispy and I really like to chomp on crunchy flavors and let my palate enjoy the richness in flavors. Ordering the extra dish was definitely worth it and for the overall price of the entire meal for 3 people, VERY reasonable. If you’re ever in Flushing, New York and are looking for a Korean restaurant that serves good noodle dishes, Daesung Korean Noodle is definitely a spot you should check out. I’ve linked their Yelp above as I felt pictures do way more justice than my words ha!

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